College Football Final #25

Now we have clarity, the University of Central Florida is the only team to navigate their season undefeated. Their reward? Coach Frost bolts town and goes to Nebraska…no further comment. There is an article when you open the ESPN app: Let the debate begin between Ohio State and Alabama for the 4th CFP Spot. There is no debate, Alabama lost to a red hot Auburn team and Ohio State lost to Oklahoma AND a 7-5 Iowa team BY 31 BLEEPING POINTS. Eye test? You think Alabama would lose (in ANY venue) to Iowa by 31 points? Never. And I can’t stand Alabama, I also can’t stand Ohio State either. Last week I ranked Alabama 6th and Ohio State 9th. Let me explain it further, I had Ohio State behind UCF. I think this is simple, I’m not even using metrics this time. Just what my rankings have been and what I have seen.

1 – Clemson

2 – Oklahoma

3 – Alabama

4 – Georgia

5 – UCF

6 – Ohio State

7 – USC

8 – Wisconsin

9 – Penn State

10 – Miami

11 – Auburn

12 – Washington

13 – Notre Dame

14 – TCU

15 – Virginia Tech

16 – Stanford

17 – Michigan State

18 – Oklahoma State

19 – LSU

20 – Northwestern

21 – Toledo

22 – Washington State

23 – Memphis

24 – Louisville

25 – FAU

Clemson vs Georgia Sugar Bowl * Oklahoma vs Alabama Rose Bowl * Miami vs Ohio State Orange Bowl * Wisconsin vs USC Fiesta Bowl * UCF vs Penn State Peach Bowl * Auburn vs Washington Cotton Bowl

Just my thoughts



Championship Week #Top25

And then there were 2. Be honest, how many of you had Wisconsin and UCF as the lone undefeated teams? Even though I said all year that Wisconsin should be undefeated heading into the Big Ten title game, I expected more undefeateds. Because last week was blah, I decided not to do a poll. Nothing really of note happened last weekend. This weekend, different story. The committee’s top 2 went down. The coaches on hot seats got canned and one job is filled already: good job UCLA. Florida State can save its season by beating UL Monroe and get invited to one of these bowls: Quick Lane, Gasparilla, or Birmingham. Happy Holidays Seminoles. Because Boise State was lazy and lost to Fresno State, the American Championship Game is now a defacto Peach Bowl play in game between UCF and Memphis. Will Pitt be rewarded for beating Miami and getting to 5-7 by getting invited to some random bowl? I don’t know their APR. I’m introducing even more data into this poll since the regular season is complete. Initially I use metrics: Offensive Efficiency (OE), Defensive Efficiency (DE), Special Teams Efficiency (STE), and Team Efficiency (TE). I sort all of that data to initially rank the teams, and as long as the best teams according that keep winning its easy. As the season went along, the good teams finally started playing each other so I introduced a Strength of Record metric in (SOR). That has proven to help but it isn’t exactly solving the whole problem. Now I’m using ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) in addition to wins and losses. I look at each teams schedule and add all the opponents’ FPI rankings together and divide by number of wins. Then I add the FPI number of your opponent or opponents that you lost to. It puts a premium on winning. Teams like Wisconsin and UCF don’t have anything added to their total because they won all their games. Once I got that ranking you can pretty much see who’s better than who. Still if there were two EQUAL teams, I stress equal because a 7-5 Iowa team is not equal to a 10-2 Ohio State team, then a head to head win would trump metrics. I hope some of that made sense. It will once you see the rankings.

25 – Mississippi State (8-4)

9th FPI, 43rd OE, 11th DE, 33rd STE, 19th TE, 24th SOR

Sad way for State to end the season, losing Nick Fitzgerald on top of losing to in-state rival Ole Miss. Expect to see them in one of the following bowls: Outback, TaxSlayer, Music City, Texas, Belk, or Liberty.

24 – Louisville (8-4)

18th FPI, 7th OE, 74th DE, 42nd STE, 22nd TE, 27th SOR

Winner’s of 4 of 5 to close the season. Lamar Jackson should be invited back to New York for the Heisman, he has had no defense all year and still put up good numbers. Expect to see them in the Independence Bowl.

23 – Washington State (9-3)

31st FPI, 76th OE, 7th DE, 119th STE, 34th TE, 17th SOR

Losing the Apple Cup derailed what could have been a very good season. The Pac 12 title game is not going to happen and a New Year’s 6 Bowl is not going to happen now. Expect to see them in either the Foster Farms or Sun Bowl.

22 – Toledo (10-2)

49th FPI, 25th OE, 80th DE, 26th STE, 45th TE, 32nd SOR

Toledo has Akron in the MAC title game, but not even a blowout win can get them in a New Year’s 6 Bowl. They will go to the Dollar General Bowl.

21 – Northwestern (9-3)

26th FPI, 59th OE, 26th DE, 27th STE, 38th TE, 23rd SOR

Northwestern has finished the season on a 7 game winning streak. While that will not quite get them into a New Year’s 6 Bowl, they’ll be in one of these bowls: Holiday, Outback, or Pinstripe.

20 – LSU (9-3)

16th FPI, 15th OE, 31st DE, 91st STE, 16th TE, 20th SOR

What a weird year for the Tigers, lose to Troy but beat Auburn. LSU will go to a pretty good bowl: Citrus would be about right.

19 – Memphis (10-1)

29th FPI, 20th OE, 63rd DE, 40th STE, 30th TE, 19th SOR

If Memphis can avenge their only loss on the season to UCF in the American title game, they will go to the Peach Bowl. If not, they still have a chance to get a home game against the Big 12 at the Liberty Bowl.

18 – Oklahoma State (9-3)

13th FPI, 3rd OE, 38th DE, 129th STE, 13th TE, 18th SOR

The Cowboys can pack their bags for the Camping World Bowl.

17 – Michigan State (9-3)

36th FPI, 53rd OE, 17th DE, 64th STE, 28th TE, 14th SOR

The Spartans are in the same boat as Northwestern, hurry up and wait on one of these bowl bids: Holiday, Outback, or Pinstripe. I think one of the first 2 is more likely.

16 – Virginia Tech (9-3)

15th FPI, 63rd OE, 8th DE, 5th STE, 17th TE, 21st SOR

I think you can lock in a LSU-Virginia Tech Citrus Bowl if I’m reading the bowl tie-ins correctly.

15 – Washington (10-2)

7th FPI, 11th OE, 13th DE, 44th STE, 9th TE, 16th SOR

I’m not 100% sure where the Huskies are going bowling this year. They could get in the New Year’s 6, but I think they’re going to go to the Alamo Bowl.

14 – Notre Dame (9-3)

10th FPI, 12th OE, 12th DE, 99th STE, 10th TE, 13th SOR

Another team I’m not sure about where they are headed. They could be in the New Year’s 6: more than likely the Cotton or Peach; or they could end up in one of the following: Camping World, TaxSlayer, Belk, Sun, or Pinstripe.

13 – Stanford (9-3)

12th FPI, 13th OE, 45th DE, 7th STE, 15th TE, 15th SOR

Its simple for Stanford: if they beat USC in the Pac 12 title game they will go to the Fiesta Bowl. If they lose then they will go to the Holiday Bowl.

12 – USC (10-2)

17th FPI, 27th OE, 27th DE, 51st STE, 21st TE, 10th SOR

Same deal as Stanford, with a win they’ll be in the Fiesta Bowl and a loss will tumble them down to the Holiday Bowl.

11 – TCU (10-2)

11th FPI, 30th OE, 10th DE, 6th STE, 11th TE, 9th SOR

TCU gets a rematch with Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game. A win would throw everything into chaos but they’d get in the New Year’s 6: most likely the Fiesta or Cotton. A loss to Oklahoma guarantees the Frogs will be in the Alamo Bowl.

10 – Penn State (10-2)

3rd FPI, 5th OE, 14th DE, 11th STE, 4th TE, 12th SOR

I think Penn State is a lock for the New Year’s 6. Which one is where it gets tricky, right now they are more than likely heading to the Peach Bowl.

9 – Ohio State (10-2)

2nd FPI, 4th OE, 15th DE, 77th STE, 5th TE, 11th SOR

With a win against Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game the Buckeyes create the most chaos. I think even with a loss they are still in the New Year’s 6, as of this second I see the Orange or Fiesta in their future.

8 – UCF (11-0)

20th FPI, 10th OE, 28th DE, 8th STE, 12th TE, 8th SOR

I think UCF has to be at least in the discussion for a Playoff spot if they beat Memphis again and a lot of chaos happens. Barring that they are headed to the Peach Bowl with a win.

7 – Miami (10-1)

14th FPI, 31st OE, 16th DE, 115th STE, 14th TE, 7th SOR

Miami is playing for a Playoff spot against Clemson in the ACC title game, a loss would put them in the Orange Bowl.

6 – Alabama (11-1)

1st FPI, 2nd OE, 4th DE, 47th STE, 1st TE, 6th SOR

No Mr. Saban, your team doesn’t deserve to be in the Playoff. However Alabama is in play for it if chaos ensues. Barring that, they are in the New Year’s 6: Cotton, Peach, or Orange.

5 – Georgia (11-1)

6th FPI, 6th OE, 5th DE, 57th STE, 2nd TE, 3rd SOR

This is as simple as it gets for Georgia. Avenge your only loss to Auburn and you’re in the Playoff. A loss would drop them to one of the following: Peach or Orange.

4 – Auburn (10-2)

5th FPI, 16th OE, 3rd DE, 85th STE, 6th TE, 5th SOR

No one can ever take away the fact Auburn is the first team to ever defeat 2 #1 committee ranked teams in the same year. If they can beat Georgia again they will be the first 2 loss Playoff combatant. A loss makes things interesting, could drop them all the way down to the Citrus or even the tier 1 SEC bowl list.

3 – Oklahoma (11-1)

9th FPI, 1st OE, 65th DE, 118th STE, 7th TE, 2nd SOR

If Oklahoma beats TCU again, they will be in the Playoff. If they lose they will still be in the New Year’s 6, probably the Fiesta or Cotton.

2 – Clemson (11-1)

4th FPI, 9th OE, 1st DE, 90th STE, 3rd TE, 1st SOR

Clemson is in a familiar spot, the ACC title game. With a win they are back in the Playoff and with a loss they will probably be in the Orange Bowl.

1 – Wisconsin (12-0)

8th FPI, 26th OE, 2nd DE, 46th STE, 8th TE, 4th SOR

Only Georgia has a better formula number than Wisconsin and when you combine that with the numbers then you see why Wisconsin is number 1 in these rankings. If they go out and beat Ohio State then they should be the clear cut 1 seed in the Playoff. If they can’t win then the Cotton, Fiesta, and Orange are all in play.

It will interesting to see what happens next weekend. I think Miami wins the ACC, UCF wins the American, Wisconsin wins the Big Ten, Oklahoma wins the Big 12, USC wins the Pac 12, and Georgia wins the SEC. Setting up a Rose Bowl of Wisconsin vs Oklahoma and a Sugar Bowl of Georgia vs Miami. That means the Orange Bowl would be Alabama vs Clemson, the Cotton Bowl would be Penn State vs Notre Dame, the Fiesta would be USC vs Ohio State, and the Peach Bowl would be Auburn vs UCF.


My thoughts on #Bielema being fired

Arkansas fans, you got what you asked for. Now you and the media are outraged about how it went down. This is the same fanbase that burned Brandon Allen’s truck to the ground. This is the same fanbase that wants Bobby Petrino back (Arkansas is 33-42 since the motorcycle mishap). This fanbase is almost to the point of being Nebraska crazy, and Arkansas doesn’t even have the same historical relevance as Nebraska. Which is why even though I live here and watch the Hogs, I try to distance myself from that crazy. As for the media, this is a results driven world. Some of you do not get that. I get to write articles because the internet allows me to. But at my real job, if I was not performing up to expectations then I would be fired. This is no different than firing someone after their shift at a factory or at the end of the day on a construction site. Sometimes you don’t even get that courtesy. I’ve seen employees be let go mid-shift, I’ve been let go mid-shift (I was a teenager in the fast food industry, nobody’s perfect). What Julie Cromer Peoples did was the right thing. She gave Bielema a chance to address his team before they scattered. The season was over lets face reality, how many of them are going to stay beyond this week? Allowing Bret to be the first person to inform the team about the situation is better than the team finding out on some rumors site, or twitter, or any other social media. How many times have we heard about players finding out they’ve been traded online? Do you not remember Wilmer Flores finding out he’d been traded IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME? This is better management than that. Call what happened to Bielema what you want, but it was the correct thing to do. How can you call this an outrage when Jeff Long was already let go? Do you not think that Bret knew that his days were numbered? How many times do you, the media, get in a frenzy because someone was fired before the season? YOU try to spin everything negatively. YOU tell this Arkansas fanbase to temper expectations. Any Power 5 program can expect success. What was Alabama immediately before Saban, Clemson before Swinney, Oregon before and after Kelly? I am not lobbying for Petrino right now, but he did go 21 and 5 – Sugar Bowl – Cotton Bowl in a 2 year span. The point being it is possible to have the right coach, players, and system in place to do it again. Bret never came close to replicating that nor did he come close to replicating his success at Wisconsin. Y’all got excited when Arkansas smashed Texas in the Texas Bowl, then got to 8-5 by beating Kansas State in the Liberty Bowl. Even I thought he had something going. Sidebar-wouldn’t it be cool to play Kansas State at Arrowhead Stadium? That was as good as it got, and the YOU, the media should not tell the fanbase that that is all you get to expect because you’re not good enough. It has been done here before and once you start throwing away your dreams and expectations you lose ingenuity and gumption. I didn’t want this to turn into a what’s wrong with America but it kinda applies to that as well. Stop hating on Arkansas, we’re the only state that would survive if you walled us off.


Week 12 #Top25 College Football

Chaos. It is wonderful isn’t it? I saw a graphic up in the Alabama escape from Starkville that 1, 2 , & 3 had not lost on the same day since 1966. That almost happened last night. This is shaping up to be 2007 crazy and we are here to help decipher all of this and see Who’s In. I don’t think the hot seats in Fayetteville, Arkansas and Knoxville, Tennessee can be any higher than they are right now. Wisconsin and Miami had statement wins against opponents the committee ranked. We have only 4 unbeatens left: Alabama, Central Florida, Miami, and Wisconsin. Most everyone else has 2 or more losses. 2007 crazy. Is it time to put Central Florida in the Top 4? Could Auburn get in as a 2 loss SEC Champ? LSU – 2007. Here we go again, a new Top 25 that will look exactly the same as Tuesday’s committee reveal. Initial rankings are based on metrics – offensive efficiency OE, defensive efficiency DE, special teams efficiency STE, and team efficiency TE. After that initial ranking is complied we look at a strength of schedule power rating SOS, and to sort out tiebreakers head to head wins is paramount. Without further ado

25 – Florida Atlantic (7-3)

Last week – NR

31st OE, 86th DE, 3rd STE, 44th TE, 93rd SOS

This week – @ Louisiana Tech (Win 48-23)

Next game – vs Florida International (11/18/2017)

Lane Kiffin is coaching himself back to a major program and FAU is one of the most fun offensive watches in the nation. The Owls are on a 6 game win streak and are in first place in Conference USA East Division.

24 – South Carolina (7-3)

Last week – NR

48th OE, 36th DE, 69th STE, 36th TE, 40th SOS

This week – vs Florida (Win 28-20)

Next game – vs Wofford (11/18/2017)

South Carolina will finish no worse than 2nd in the SEC East and no worse than 8-4. They get Wofford to prepare for the season ending game against Clemson.

23 – Virginia Tech (7-3)

Last week – 14

52nd OE, 12th DE, 4th STE, 18th TE, 50th SOS

This week – @ Georgia Tech (Loss 28-22)

Next game – vs Pitt (11/18/2017)

Two straight losses for the Hokies almost drops them out of the rankings. They still have a chance to get to 9 wins, and 10 with a bowl win. Any chances they had of making another ACC Championship Game went out the window yesterday.

22 – Northwestern (7-3)

Last week – NR

67th OE, 45th DE, 24th STE, 50th TE, 22nd SOS

This week – vs Purdue (Win 23-13)

Next game – vs Minnesota (11/18/2017)

Northwestern can get to 9 regular season wins and a January Bowl (or maybe the Holiday Bowl vs the Pac 12). Either bowl would be another successful season under Pat Fitzgerald.

21 – Memphis (8-1)

Last week – 23

35th OE, 59th DE, 48th STE, 40th TE, 86th SOS

This week – BYE

Next game – vs SMU (11/18/2017)

Probably a good week to be on a bye with all the chaos. Memphis is in control of its own destiny. Their only loss is to Central Florida and if they can avenge that loss in the American Championship Game they will go to the Peach Bowl.

20 – Stanford (7-3)

Last week – NR

11th OE, 50th DE, 5th STE, 17th TE, 25th SOS

This week – vs Washington (Win 30-22)

Next game – vs California (11/18/2017)

There is a path for Stanford to get to the Pac 12 Championship Game, and it could be with 4 losses if they fall to Notre Dame. Stanford is hoping Washington wins the Apple Cup.

19 – Mississippi State (7-3)

Last week – 12

26th OE, 14th DE, 18th STE, 15th TE, 35th SOS

This week – vs Alabama (Loss 31-24)

Next game – @ Arkansas (11/18/2017)

Almost had a major party in Starkvegas last night. I’m expecting a big turn around next week against the hapless Hogs and Hail State finishes 9-3 for the regular season.

18 – Boise State (8-2)

Last week – 21

38th OE, 44th DE, 16th STE, 29th TE, 71st SOS

This week – @ Colorado State (Win 59-52)

Next game – vs Air Force (11/18/2017)

Boise State and Colorado State (Big 12 anyone?) said “I see you Bedlam” and decided to have their own Bedlam. If Boise keeps winning they are locked in to the Las Vegas Bowl.

17 – Washington State (9-2)

Last week – 20

66th OE, 6th DE, 116th STE, 26th TE, 53rd SOS

This week – @ Utah (Win 33-25)

Next game – @ Washington (11/25/2017)

Mike Leach is winning with DEFENSE, let that sink in a little. The Air Raid father is winning with defense. The Cougars get 2 weeks to prepare for the Apple Cup, if they win then they win the division.

16 – Washington (8-2)

Last week – 9

17th OE, 7th DE, 21st STE, 7th TE, 62nd SOS

This week – @ Stanford (Loss 30-22)

Next game – vs Utah (11/18/2017)

Washington saw its repeat Playoff appearances go out the window with that loss to Stanford on Friday night. They still have a chance to get to the Fiesta Bowl if they can win out.

15 – Michigan (8-2)

Last week – 19

57th OE, 10th DE, 40th STE, 22nd TE, 38th SOS

This week – @ Maryland (Win 35-10)

Next game – @ Wisconsin (11/18/2017)

Well the Big Ten may hate Harbaugh now, but what if he goes to Madison and upsets the Badgers? Chaos.

14 – Penn State (8-2)

Last week – 18

6th OE, 16th DE, 9th STE, 5th TE, 23rd SOS

This week – vs Rutgers (Win 35-6)

Next game – vs Nebraska (11/18/2017)

Penn State should cruise to a 10-2 season. That could possibly set up a rematch against USC in the Fiesta Bowl.

13 – Oklahoma State (8-2)

Last week – 16

2nd OE, 32nd DE, 127th STE, 10th STE, 8th SOS

This week – @ Iowa State (Win 49-42)

Next game – vs Kansas State (11/18/2017)

Here is the scenario for Bedlam II for the Big 12 Championship Game: Cowboys have to sweep the State of Kansas the next two weeks and Texas Tech or Baylor has to beat TCU.

12 – TCU (8-2)

Last week – 6

27th OE, 13th DE, 7th STE, 12th TE, 33rd SOS

This week – @ Oklahoma (Loss 38-20)

Next game – @ Texas Tech (11/18/2017)

The Frogs had no answers for Oklahoma (not many have this year). If they win out then they get a rematch with the Sooners. If they can beat the Sooners they probably get the Cotton Bowl.

11 – USC (9-2)

Last week – 15

22nd OE, 28th DE, 80th STE, 19th TE, 13th SOS

This week – @ Colorado (Win 38-24)

Next game – vs UCLA (11/18/2017)

The Battle for LA doesn’t really matter this year, sure its a rivalry game but USC has already clinched the Pac 12 South and if they win out they will go to the Fiesta Bowl.

10 – UCF (9-0)

Last week – 13

10th OE, 23rd DE, 30th STE, 13th TE, 105th SOS

This week – vs Connecticut (Win 49-24)

Next game – @ Temple (11/18/2017)

The Knights can almost taste the Peach Bowl. They have this game at Temple, then South Florida, and if they keep winning a rematch against Memphis to get to 12-0 and the Peach Bowl.

9 – Ohio State (8-2)

Last week – 11

3rd OE, 15th DE, 71st STE, 3rd TE, 18th SOS

This week – vs Michigan State (Win 48-3)

Next game – vs Illinois (11/18/2017)

The Buckeyes took out their frustrations on Sparta yesterday. Not even 300 would have had a defense for that. If Ohio State wins out they are in the Big Ten Championship Game. Who knows what could happen from there. Chaos.

8 – Notre Dame (8-2)

Last week – 5

8th OE, 8th DE, 88th STE, 8th TE, 7th SOS

This week – @ Miami (Loss 41-8)

Next game – vs Navy (11/18/2017)

I promise all the 8’s aren’t a typo. Weird coincidence. Two tricky games to finish the season. Navy and Stanford are not to be taken lightly.

7 – Georgia (9-1)

Last week – 1

7th OE, 2nd DE, 61st STE, 2nd TE, 29th SOS

This week – @ Auburn (Loss 40-17)

Next game – vs Kentucky (11/18/2017)

After steamrolling their way to a 9-0 start, Georgia flat got punked yesterday on the plains. If Georgia wins out they will still probably be in the Playoff, they might even get a chance to avenge the Auburn loss.

6 – Auburn (8-2)

Last week – 10

18th OE, 4th DE, 57th STE, 6th TE, 24th SOS

This week – vs Georgia (Win 40-17)

Next game – vs Louisiana – Monroe (11/18/2017)

War. Eagle. It’s time to once again get on the Bus with Gus. Auburn controls its own destiny after B—-slapping Georgia. A tune up for the Iron Bowl (which happens to be on the plains) this week.

5 – Oklahoma (9-1)

Last week – 7

1st OE, 69th DE, 123rd SOS, 9th TE, 9th SOS

This week – vs TCU (Win 38-20)

Next game – @ Kansas (11/18/2017)

Now that Oklahoma is in the drivers seat in the Big 12, I almost expect a collapse of major proportions in Lawrence because that is what would happen in 2007. Chaos.

4 – Clemson (9-1)

Last week – 8

15th OE, 3rd DE, 83rd STE, 4th TE, 5th SOS

This week – vs Florida State (31-14)

Next game – vs Citadel (11/18/2017)

Clemson locked up the ACC Atlantic again, if they win out then they’re in the Playoff. If they stumble once then they’re either headed to the Orange or Peach.

3 – Miami (9-0)

Last week – 3

19th OE, 11th DE, 120th STE, 14th TE, 32nd SOS

This week – vs Notre Dame (Win 41-8)

Next game – vs Virginia (11/18/2017)

These next 2 weeks are all about focus and motivation for the Hurricanes. They’ve already sewn up the ACC Coastal and will face Clemson for the title. It is time to show that the U is back by dominating Virginia and Pitt.

2 – Wisconsin (10-0)

Last week – 4

30th OE, 5th DE, 55th STE, 11th TE, 55th SOS

This week – vs Iowa (Win 38-14)

Next game – vs Michigan (11/18/2017)

Good win against Iowa, even better one awaits this week against the Wolverines. Wisconsin keeps trucking along, almost unnoticed but I’m starting to see it. I still believe they will get to the Big Ten Championship Game undefeated.

1 – Alabama (10-0)

Last week – 2

4th OE, 1st DE, 54th STE, 1st TE, 41st SOS

This week – @ Mississippi State (Win 31-24)

Next game – vs Mercer (11/18/2017)

That was close. I honestly thought Mississippi State had the Tide. The Iron Bowl will decided the SEC West (again). Bama controls the board right now.

Dropped from the rankings: (17) Michigan State, (22) Iowa, (24) Toledo, and (25) Arkansas State



Week 11 #Top25 College Football

College football is the best. Its any given Saturday. Craziness will undoubtedly happen. It is time for the annual November Texas A&M collapse. We had Iowa dismantling Ohio State, a 3 1/2 hour delay in the Michigan State win over Penn State (sidebar-Penn State is now 0-2 since chanting “We want Bama”. What did we learn from this kids?), a 1 win Sunbelt school taking a SEC school to the wire only to have the victory snatched by the jaws of defeat (another sidebar-that only revved up the heat on Bret Bielema at Arkansas), we had The U making a statement, Notre Dame losing 2 key players in game (next week the ol’ Catholics vs Convicts game should decide a playoff spot), and Bedlam was, well it was Bedlam. This all shakes out in a brand new Top 25 that I’m sure will be exactly like the one the College Football Playoff Committee releases next Tuesday (I’ll hold my breath). Here we have an initial ranking based on metrics: Offensive Efficiency (OE), Defensive Efficiency (DE), Special Teams Efficiency (STE), and Team Efficiency (TE). Consistency across the board will help your cause here. Then we mix in a Strength of Schedule Power Rating (SOS); and finally we look at head to head to sort out tie breakers, if any. The goal of this is winning and if you don’t win then you don’t climb the rankings, it is that simple. NO PARTICIPATION TROPHIES. Let the rankings begin:

25 – Arkansas State (5-2)

Last week – Tie 25

65th OE, 52nd DE, 11th STE, 47th TE, 105th SOS

This week – BYE

Next game – @ South Alabama 11/10/2017

The leaders in the Sunbelt Conference stay in the rankings this week. It’s becoming more and more apparent that an instate game with Arkansas should happen.

24 – Toledo (8-1)

Last week – 18

25th OE, 73rd DE, 24th STE, 37th TE, 81st SOS

This week – vs Northern Illinois (Win 27-17)

Next game – @ Ohio 11/08/2017

We keep Toledo in the rankings, still with that lone loss to the Hurricanes. The chaos required to get them in the New Year’s 6 was closer than expected with UCF’s close win over SMU.

23 – Memphis (8-1)

Last week – 22

32nd OE, 58th DE, 50th STE, 42nd TE, 71st SOS

This week – @ Tulsa (Win 41-14)

Next game – vs SMU 11/18/2017

Memphis controls its own destiny from here on out. IF they can win out, they will avenge their only loss (to UCF) and probably earn a bid to the Peach Bowl.

22 – Iowa (6-3)

Last week – NR

48th OE, 27th DE, 31st STE, 25th TE, 9th SOS

This week – vs Ohio State (Win 55-24)

Next game – @ Wisconsin 11/11/2017

Iowa may have messed up the Big 10’s chances of having a representative in the College Football Playoff with their demolition of the Buckeyes. They now have a chance to further mess that up if they can beat Wisconsin.

21 – Boise State (7-2)

Last week – 17

43rd OE, 38th DE, 14th STE, 28th TE, 67th SOS

This week – vs Nevada (Win 41-14)

Next game – @ Colorado State 11/11/2017

Back to back 41-14 wins for the Broncos, and once again Boise State is in the drivers seat in the Mountain West. The best possible scenario is the Las Vegas Bowl vs the Pac 12.

20 – Washington State (8-2)

Last week – NR

70th OE, 9th DE, 117th STE, 33rd TE, 33 SOS

This week – vs Stanford (Win 24-21)

Next game – @ Utah 11/11/2017

Washington State jumps back in the rankings after defeating Stanford. The last two games are on the road, after Utah they get two weeks to prepare for Washington. The Cougars can still get to the Pac 12 Championship Game.

19 – Michigan – (7-2)

Last week – 19

67th OE, 13th DE, 48th STE, 24th TE, 16th SOS

This week – vs Minnesota (Win 33-10)

Next game – @ Maryland 11/11/2017

The Wolverines look slightly better on offense, they actually have a pulse now. After this trip to Maryland things get real, real quick. At Wisconsin and vs Ohio State to finish the year…yikes.

18 – Penn State (7-2)

Last week – 8

8th OE, 14th DE, 10th STE, 5th TE, 4th SOS

This week – @ Michigan State (Loss 27-24)

Next game – vs Rutgers 11/11/2017

This is still the best team in the country based solely on metrics. However I cannot overlook 2 straight losses. They have decided to go away from Barkley for whatever reason and now they are paying the price.

17 – Michigan State (7-2)

Last week – NR

50th OE, 18th DE, 88th STE, 26th TE, 14th SOS

This week – vs Penn State (Win 27-24)

Next game – @ Ohio State 11/11/2017

Michigan State is proving that last years season was a fluke. They control their own destiny in the Big Ten East. With a win over Ohio State, they’d be in the drivers seat for the Big Ten Championship Game (and that is very possible the way things are going in the Big Ten).

16 – Oklahoma State (7-2)

Last week – 13

2nd OE, 20th DE, 130th STE, 9th TE, 13th SOS

This week – vs Oklahoma (Loss 62-52)

Next game – @ Iowa State 11/11/2017

The Cowboys lost the wildest big game I’ve ever heard about yesterday. They need to pick themselves up quickly because Iowa State is also coming off a loss and will be the home team this week. Things could spiral downward for OKST.

15 – USC (8-2)

Last week – 20

22nd OE, 32nd DE, 83rd STE, 20th TE, 19th SOS

This week – vs Arizona (Win 49-35)

Next game – @ Colorado 11/11/2017

After sweeping the State of Arizona in back to back weeks, the Trojans set their sights on invading Colorado this week. While the Rose Bowl is probably out of the question, the Fiesta Bowl is likely if the Trojans can win out.

14 – Virginia Tech (7-2)

Last week – 12

58th OE, 12th DE, 4th STE, 17th TE, 30th SOS

This week – @ Miami (Loss 28-10)

Next game – @ Georgia Tech 11/11/2017

Virginia Tech got dominated last night in Miami. While they beat up on the lesser teams in the ACC, they aren’t quite yet on par with the elite in the conference. The Hokies have their work cut if they want to win double digit games this year.

13 – UCF (8-0)

Last week – 5

9th OE, 22nd DE, 37th STE, 11th TE, 66th SOS

This week – @ SMU (Win 31-24)

Next game – vs Connecticut 11/11/2017

UCF was not its usual juggernaut self in a win over SMU. With 2 of the final 3 games at home, UCF can almost taste the Peach Bowl.

12 – Mississippi State (7-2)

Last week – 15

33rd OE, 7th DE, 25th STE, 14th TE, 25th SOS

This week – vs Massachusetts (Win 34-23)

Next game – vs Alabama 11/11/2017

Classic sandwich game result for Mississippi State, they were looking ahead to Bama and it almost got them. The metrics really like the Bulldogs, ranking them 6th in the country. All of that will be put to the test by Alabama this week.

11 – Ohio State (7-2)

Last week – 7

3rd OE, 19th DE, 65th STE, 7th TE, 3rd SOS

This week – @ Iowa (Loss 55-24)

Next game – vs Michigan State 11/11/2017

What an embarrassing loss for the Buckeyes at Iowa. They did not come ready to play. They’d better get ready to play the Spartans, its an 11 am kickoff and it seems everything is working against the Buckeyes this November.

10 – Auburn (7-2)

Last week – 14

20th OE, 4th DE, 79th STE, 8th TE, 2nd SOS

This week – @ Texas A&M (Win 42-27)

Next game – vs Georgia 11/11/2017

Well this has been fun all year for Auburn, they are a pretty good football team but they have the #1 and #2 teams left on their schedule in Georgia this week and Alabama to finish the season. Too bad they are gonna be the best 8-4 team in the country.

9 – Washington (8-1)

Last week – 10

16th OE, 5th DE,16th STE, 4th TE, 39th SOS

This week – vs Oregon (Win 38-3)

Next game – @ Stanford 11/10/2017

Suddenly that win over Rutgers ain’t looking so bad for Washington. This is the Pac 12’s best chance at the playoff now barring utter 2007 chaos. Be wary of the Friday night game.

8 – Clemson (8-1)

Last week – 11

13th OE, 3rd DE, 82nd STE, 6th TE, 8th SOS

This week – @ NC State (Win 38-31)

Next game – vs Florida State 11/11/2017

Good win for Clemson over a now reeling Wolfpack. This next game, no matter where its played would scare the hell out of me. This Florida State team has zero to play for but pride in its last few weeks of the year and Clemson needs to match the intensity I expect the Seminoles to bring.

7 – Oklahoma (8-1)

Last week – NR

1st OE, 69th DE, 126th STE, 12th TE, 1st SOS

This week – @ Oklahoma State (Win 62-52)

Next game – vs TCU 11/11/2017

Okay I’m a believer again in the Sooners. They lost me for awhile with how they played lackadaisical, but now they have everything set up for them. That includes a spot in the Playoff.

6 – TCU (8-1)

Last week – 9

26th OE, 11th DE, 5th STE, 10th TE, 6th SOS

Last game – vs Texas (Win 24-7)

Next game – @ Oklahoma 11/11/2017

Sooners. Frogs. Playoff. In. The Big 12 Championship Game before the Big 12 Championship Game happens this week. The winner of this game has the inside track to the Playoff but the loser could still avenge this loss if things break the right way.

5 – Notre Dame (8-1)

Last week – 6

5th OE, 6th DE, 84th STE, 3rd TE, 5th SOS

This week – vs Wake Forest (Win 48-37)

Next game – @ Miami 11/11/2017

Irish. Hurricanes. Playoff. In. This Playoff thing does have a way of sorting itself out doesn’t it? If Notre Dame can go to Miami and win, they’re as close to a lock as can be. Hopefully Wimbush and Adams are cleared for this game.

4 – Wisconsin (9-0)

Last week – 3

21st OE, 10th DE, 68th STE, 13th TE, 43rd SOS

This week – @ Indiana (Win 45-17)

Next game – vs Iowa 11/11/2017

We’ve been saying this all year, Wisconsin should be undefeated heading into the Big Ten Championship Game. At this point they should be favored against whoever they may face off against as well.

3 – Miami (8-0)

Last week – 4

17th OE, 15th DE, 121st STE, 15th TE, 27th SOS

This week – vs Virginia Tech (Win 28-10)

Next game – vs Notre Dame 11/11/2017

Miami showed the world that it is for real this year last night with a domination over Virginia Tech. If they do that again this week they will be the odds on favorite for the ACC to have a playoff representative.

2 – Alabama (9-0)

Last week – Tie 1

7th OE, 1st DE, 38th STE, 1st TE, 10th SOS

This week – vs LSU (Win 24-10)

Next game – @ Mississippi State 11/11/2017

After putting away LSU for the 6th (or was it the 7th) consecutive time last night, Alabama remains as one of the best 2 teams in the country. LSU came to fight and I’m sure Mississippi State will too.

1 – Georgia (9-0)

Last week – Tie 1

4th OE, 2nd DE, 45th STE, 2nd TE, 7th SOS

This week – vs South Carolina (Win 24-10)

Next game – @ Auburn 11/11/2017

Georgia resumes this Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry with Auburn this week, I think they are too good for another Prayer at Jordan-Hare but this is college football and nothing would be shocking. I’m sure Coach Smart will have them ready.

Dropped from the rankings: (16) Iowa State, (21) Stanford, (23) South Carolina, (24) NC State, & Tie (25) LSU




Week 10 #Top25 College Football

College Football delivers doesn’t it? Who would’ve thought that Penn State would give up a 15 point lead, or that TCU would forget how to play offense? Who would’ve thought that the hottest seat in the land might be in Gainesville, Florida? How did Arkansas pull out a victory after being down to Ole Miss 31-7? As we get ready for the Playoff Rankings to be revealed on Tuesday a few things are certain: Georgia and Alabama are steamrolling, Texas A&M is about to do its annual November funk, Notre Dame has a legit shot to make the playoff, the Pac 12 and Big 12 have major work to do, UCF is on a collision course with the Peach Bowl, and we get to watch it unfold. Here we use 4 core metrics-Offensive Efficiency (OE), Defensive Efficiency (DE), Special Teams Efficiency (STE), and Team Efficiency (TE). We also look at your schedule, who have you played, who have you beaten, who have you lost to if applicable. Being that it is almost November there is a lot of the eyeball test. A lot of these rankings can be decided by a simple head to head. Consistency across all aspects of the team are very important. Sometimes you can be elite in one area and average or very poor in the other 3 and that will bring your ranking down. I’m going to have to find a strength of record metric from somewhere to truly get this right. Old hats might hate that but as they say “numbers don’t lie”. Happy Halloween as we treat you to the latest and greatest Top 25:

Tie 25 – LSU (6-2)

Last week – 25

16th OE, 41st DE, 113th STE, 23rd TE

This week – BYE

Next game – @ Alabama 11/04/2017

LSU got a bye to prepare to go on the road at Alabama. They are going to need it. Although the offense has been better this year, the defense isn’t elite anymore.

Tie 25 – Arkansas State (5-2)

Last week – NR

68th OE, 48th DE, 13th STE, 47th TE

This week – @ New Mexico State (Win 37-21)

Next game – @ South Alabama 11/10/2017

Arkansas State jumps in our Top 25 this week, as they sit all alone on top of the Sunbelt Conference. The Red Wolves will be on a bye this week and have 2 weeks to prepare for South Alabama. Interesting note: South Alabama is #1 in Special Teams Efficiency

24 – NC State (6-2)

Last week – 20

13th OE, 42nd DE, 88th STE, 20th TE

This week – @ Notre Dame (Loss 35-14)

Next game – vs Clemson 11/04/2017

NC State ran into the buzzsaw that is aka Notre Dame. After that beating they get rewarded by going home and facing the defending National Champions. NC State is still in control of its own destiny by not having a conference loss.

23 – South Carolina (6-2)

Last week – NR

60th OE, 35th DE, 54th STE, 40th TE

This week – vs Vanderbilt (Win 34-27)

Next game – @ Georgia 11/04/2017

Y’all think that Florida wants Muschamp back? He has South Carolina headed in the right direction, already has the Gamecocks bowl eligible after 8 games.

22 – Memphis (7-1)

Last week – NR

34th OE, 64th DE, 48th STE, 42nd TE

This week – vs Tulane (Win 56-26)

Next game – @ Tulsa 11/03/2017

Memphis has been right in the 20-30 range since they beat UCLA earlier in the year. They lead their division in the American and are on track to meet UCF (who already beat them 40-13) in the American Conference Championship Game.

21 – Stanford (6-2)

Last week – 17

12th OE, 55th DE, 6th STE, 19th TE

This week – @ Oregon State (Win 15-14)

Next game – @ Washington State 11/04/2017

They sure missed Bryce Love. Also an error is corrected right here this week. They are in the drivers seat in the Pac 12 North but face both Washington schools next. This race will be decided soon.

20 – USC (7-2)

Last week – 24

23rd OE, 36th DE, 92nd STE, 22nd TE

This week – @ Arizona State (Win 48-17)

Next game – vs Arizona 11/04/2017

USC got back to winning last night in the desert. Now the other (and better) team from Arizona comes to the Coliseum. Winner of this game will more than likely win the Pac 12 South.

19 – Michigan (6-2)

Last week – NR

76th OE, 15th DE, 37th STE, 27th TE

This week – vs Rutgers (Win 35-14)

Next game – vs Minnesota 11/04/2017

Michigan changed QB’s and suddenly this offense did not look as lethargic as it has the last 2 months. Granted this was against Rutgers but the Wolverines needed some positive things for them to happen on that side of the ball.

18 – Toledo (7-1)

Last week – 23

25th OE, 70th DE, 17th STE, 34th TE

This week – @ Ball State (Win 58-17)

Next game – vs Northern Illinois 11/02/2017

Why is Toledo up here so high? They’ve only lost to undefeated Miami. Some Group of 5 chaos has to happen before they could be in the running for the Peach Bowl but it is out there.

17 – Boise State (6-2)

Last week – 18

47th OE, 38th DE, 18th STE, 30th TE

This week – @ Utah State (Win 41-14)

Next game – vs Nevada 11/04/207

Ho hum, Boise State is leading the Mountain West again. They are probably headed for the Las Vegas Bowl again.

16 – Iowa State (6-2)

Last week – 16

32nd OE, 18th DE, 36th STE, 16th TE

This week – vs TCU (Win 14-7)

Next game – @ West Virginia 11/04/2017

That defense was suffocating against the Frogs. TCU only got its score on a kickoff return for TD. The next two games are tough but winnable, could Iowa State be in the Big 12 Championship Game?

15 – Mississippi State (6-2)

Last week – 15

2th OE, 7th DE, 34th STE, 9th TE

This week – @ Texas A&M (Win 35-14)

Next game – vs UMASS 11/04/2017

If not for those back to back losses against Georgia and Auburn, we’d be talking about MSU as one of the best teams in all the land. We’ve been higher on them than anyone else. Stepping out of conference play this week, they should crush the Minutemen.

14 – Auburn (6-2)

Last week – 14

27th OE, 4th DE, 99th STE, 11th TE

This week – BYE

Next game – @ Texas A&M 11/04/2017

Auburn got a bye to sit and watch Mississippi State demolish its opponent for this week. I know they lost to LSU head to head, sometimes there are quirks in a poll. This month Auburn gets both Georgia and Alabama…yikes.

13 – Oklahoma State (7-1)

Last week – 13

2nd OE, 16th DE, 130th STE, 7th TE

This week – @ West Virginia (Win 50-39)

Next game – vs Oklahoma 11/04/2017

Sooners. Cowboys. Bedlam. With so much on the line, I’m expecting a thriller in Stillwater this week. Bedlam should decided one of the participants for the Big 12 Championship Game.

12 – Virginia Tech (7-1)

Last week – 12

48th OE, 11th DE, 7th STE, 15th TE

This week – vs Duke (Win 24-3)

Next game – @ Miami 11/04/2017

A Hokie-Hurricane rivalry game for control of the Big East…I mean the ACC Coastal. Shades of the 90s and early 2000s. I like it.

11 – Clemson (7-1)

Last week – 11

9th OE, 3rd DE, 108th STE, 8th TE

This week – vs Georgia Tech (Win 24-10)

Next game – @ NC State 11/04/2017

Just because Clemson won it all last year doesn’t mean they’re in my Top 4 right now. I think that is why the AP and every other poll ranks them higher than they truly belong. Yes that D is championship level but I don’t trust something here.

10 – Washington (7-1)

Last week – 5

15th OE, 6th DE, 29th STE, 6th TE

This week – vs UCLA (Win 44-23)

Next game – vs Oregon 11/04/2017

Washington controls its own destiny with Stanford and Washington State still on the schedule, their best non conference win is over Fresno State and that ain’t up to par with the rest of the Top 10.

9 – TCU (7-1)

Last week – 2

24th OE, 13th DE, 3rd STE, 10th TE

This week – @ Iowa State (Loss 14-7)

Next game – vs Texas 11/04/2017

Not even their elite special teams could save the day in Ames for the Frogs. I didn’t expect them to lose there, but Jack Trice Stadium has seen its fair share of the home team upsetting teams. TCU could avenge its loss by winning out. The Playoff or Cotton Bowl is still obtainable.

8 – Penn StateĀ  (7-1)

Last week – 1

9th OE, 14th DE, 5th STE, 3rd TE

This week – @ Ohio State (Loss 39-38)

Next game – @ Michigan State 11/04/2017

Penn State had everything out in front, big lead on the Buckeyes, We Want Bama chants last week, undefeated season, Heisman front runner. BAM its all over now. Best case scenario: Rose Bowl again.

7 – Ohio State (7-1)

Last week – 6

3rd OE, 9th DE, 68th STE, 4th TE

This week – vs Penn State (Win 39-38)

Next game – @ Iowa 11/04/2017

Those uniforms were fire! That comeback was awesome, Ohio State is now in the drivers seat for the Big 10. The Buckeyes will be favored in every game (even the Big 10 Championship Game vs undefeated Wisconsin if it plays out that way). The big question is how to rank them, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame if it comes down to that?

6 – Notre Dame (7-1)

Last week – 7

8th OE, 5th DE, 89th STE, 5th TE

This week – vs NC State (Win 35-14)

Next game – vs Wake Forest 11/04/2017

This is the best one loss team in America. I don’t even have Oklahoma ranked and they beat Ohio State, and Ohio State just beat Penn State. No Notre Dame is in the drivers seat for a spot in the Playoff.

5 – UCF (7-0)

Last week – 9

5th OE, 34th DE, 20th STE, 12th TE

This week – vs Austin Peay (Win 73-33)

Next game – @ SMU 11/04/2017

I don’t know if they deserve to be ranked this high, but UCF is probably the most fun team to watch in FBS this season. They are positioned to go to the Peach Bowl and then Coach Frost will be off to Florida or Tennessee or Nebraska…

4 – Miami (7-0)

Last week – 8

21st OE, 20th DE, 118th STE, 17th TE

This week – @ North Carolina (Win 24-19)

Next game – vs Virginia Tech 11/04/2017

The U has everything to play for in the month of November. Win out and they’re in the Playoff. They could even lose once and probably make the Orange or Peach.

3 – Wisconsin (8-0)

Last week – 10

30th OE, 10th DE, 65th STE, 14th TE

This week – @ Illinois (Win 24-10)

Next game – @ Indiana 11/04/2017

Wisconsin has Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota to finish the regular season. They should win all 4 and move to the Big 10 Championship Game undefeated.

Tie 1 – Alabama (8-0)

Last week – 3

4th OE, 1st DE, 53rd STE, 1st TE

This week – BYE

Next game – vs LSU 11/04/2017

ROLL. DAMN. TIDE. Lets just fast forward to the Georgia game please! I know they aren’t looking ahead, but the rest of us are. Bama gets LSU and Auburn this month to cement themselves.

Tie 1 – Georgia (8-0)

Last week – 4

7th OE, 2nd DE, 41st STE, 2nd TE

This week – Neutral against Florida (Win 42-7)

Next game – vs South Carolina 11/04/2017

One rival down, 2 more to go against Auburn and Tech. I’m excited for the Alabama game but like Bama, this team isn’t looking ahead.

It is clear we will have some shakeups next week, November is a prove it month and it was all fun and games up til now. I’ll try to do better next week, we got to find a dependable strength of record metric to add to the mix. Penn State was still #1 by the numbers and I can’t accept that. I’m also not rewarding Oklahoma just because they are winning, they are in the 40-50 range and that’s not close to the Top 25.

Dropped from the rankings: (19) Oklahoma, (21) Texas A&M, & (22) Marshall









Week 9 #Top25 College Football

After all the chaos last week it was a predictable regression to the mean this weekend. Good teams beat bad ones, no crazy top 10 upsets. Does that mean this poll doesn’t change? We’ll find out. I think that the seats can not be any hotter in Knoxville, TN and Fayetteville, AR. Coach O has guided LSU to 3 straight wins and now all is well in Baton Rouge. Again I’m going to say MATT CAMPBELL COACH OF THE YEAR. In Austin they continue to find ways to lose no matter who is coaching. This poll is based on some metrics: offensive efficiency (OE), defensive efficiency (DE), special teams efficiency (STE), and team efficiency (TE). Each of those is worth 1/4 of the initial ranking, then each team’s record is taken into account to separate things like head to head. We don’t hand out participation trophies here, I don’t care that you’re playing like a top 10 team and you have 3 losses. That gets you unranked here. Win your games. Without further ado:

25 – LSU (6-2)

Last week – NR

16th OE, 45th DE, 111th STE, 24th TE

As state above, LSU is on fire. They have 2 weeks to prepare for Alabama but after that it is 3 winnable games.

24 – USC (6-2)

Last week – 13

32nd OE, 41st DE, 88th STE, 28th TE

USC got their butts handed to them by Notre Dame. This effectively eliminated the Trojans from competing for a playoff spot.

23 – Toledo (6-1)

Last week – NR

30th OE, 80th DE, 28th STE, 45th TE

I didn’t see Toledo making a top 25 push this season, here they are. When your only loss is to undefeated Miami then you’re having a pretty good season.

22 – Marshall (6-1)

Last week – NR

79th OE, 42nd DE, 8th STE, 52nd TE

Another team I didn’t expect to see here. Marshall’s only loss is to NC State. They might have found their stride with a combined winning score of 73-13 the last two weeks.


21 – Texas A&M (5-2)

Last week – 24

61st OE, 40th DE, 29th STE, 43rd TE

The bye week comes at a good time for the Aggies. This is kinda how they have been the last few years. Will the take the right next step against Mississippi State next week?

20 – NC State (6-1)

Last week – 25

10th OE, 46th DE, 114th STE, 19th TE

Another team on the bye in the middle of the season. That is the good news. The bad news is the Wolfpack have to go to Notre Dame next week.

19 – Oklahoma (6-1)

Last week – NR

1st OE, 64th DE, 126th STE, 12th TE

I think the Sooners peaked with that win over Ohio State, they haven’t played anywhere close to that well since then. They still have Oklahoma State and TCU on the schedule so anything is possible in the Big 12.

18 – Boise State (5-2)

Last week – 17

69th OE, 36th DE, 12th STE, 40th TE

Boise State beat potential first round draft pick Josh Allen and Wyoming last night, I think this is just a case of Boise State having the better overall team.

17 – Stanford (5-2)

Last week – 14

4th OE, 60th DE, 11th STE, 15th TE

Yet another team on a bye this week. Stanford leads the Pac 12 North at the moment and is on track to have a rematch with USC in the Pac 12 Championship Game.

16 – Iowa State (5-2)

Last week – 15

28th OE, 29th DE, 16th STE, 17th TE

This is a well rounded football team. There is the possibility of Iowa State getting to the Cotton Bowl as either the Big 12 Champion or an at-large selection.

15 – Mississippi State (5-2)

Last week – NR

22nd OE, 17th DE, 21st STE, 13th TE

I penalized this team for the hot start followed by the 2 lopsided losses but I can’t leave them out anymore. Honestly this team should finish no worse than 9-3.

14 – Auburn (6-2)

Last week – 19

29th OE, 3rd DE, 95th STE, 11th TE

Auburn did what everyone seems to do last night, make a halftime adjustment against Arkansas and proceed to commence the beatdown. With games left against Georgia and Alabama, Auburn may be looking at another 8 win season.

13 – Oklahoma State (6-1)

Last week – 23

2nd OE, 19th DE, 130th STE, 8th TE

Oklahoma State escaped Austin with a victory. They showed they can win more than just by lighting up the scoreboard and I can respect that.

12 – Virginia Tech (6-1)

Last week – 10

54th OE, 15th DE, 4th STE, 18th TE

The numbers really like the Hokies. They have a chance to control their own destiny too, both Georgia Tech and Miami are ahead in the standings and still on the schedule.

11 – Clemson (6-1)

Last week – 12

20th OE, 4th DE, 104th STE, 9th TE

Head to head victory over Virginia Tech, see what I mean about your record means something? The numbers would have VT way ahead of Clemson but we all watched Clemson win.

10 – Wisconsin (7-0)

Last week – 8

23rd OE, 13th DE, 82nd STE, 14th TE

This is the worst undefeated team left in the Power 5 conferences, which is like being the ugliest Victoria Secret model. I think they’ll take it.

9 – UCF (6-0)

Last week – 7

7th OE, 23rd DE, 51st STE, 10th TE

So you think Scott Frost hasn’t received calls from Nebraska (his alma mater)? He has UCF in the drivers seat for a New Year’s 6 bowl game-probably the Orange Bowl.

8 – Miami (6-0)

Last week – 9

14th OE, 24th DE, 122nd STE, 16th TE

Miami is in the drivers seat in the ACC. I don’t know about you but I’m hoping they meet Georgia in a College Football Playoff game.

7 – Notre Dame (6-1)

Last week – 11

9th OE, 7th DE, 56th STE, 5th TE

They’ve only lost to Georgia, by a point. The Irish are for real this year folks, just ask USC how for real they are.

6 – Ohio State (6-1)

Last week – 6

3rd OE, 8th DE, 54th STE, 3rd TE

Same ranking as last week, finally some stability. Ohio State controls their own destiny. next up: Penn State.

5 – Washington (6-1)

Last week – 5

17th OE, 5th DE, 30th STE, 6th TE

Anyone want to explain how Washington two week ago? I don’t know. With Stanford and Washington State still on the schedule they have a change to win the Pac 12 North.

4 – Georgia (7-0)

Last week – 4

13th OE, 2nd DE, 45th STE, 2nd TE

I think its safe to say Georgia should be undefeated and heading into a Playoff play-in game versus Alabama in the SEC championship game.

3 – Alabama (8-0)

Last week – 3

5th OE, 1st DE, 55th STE, 1st TE

If Alabama doesn’t finish 12-0 then an investigation should take place. This team is too good to lose right now. Get to Atlanta to face Georgia.

2 – TCU (7-0)

Last week – 2

15th OE, 9th DE, 5th STE, 7th TE

You can like this or not but TCU is as legit as comes. As of right now they are the odds on favorite to win the Big 12 and probably get into the Sugar Bowl.

1 – Penn State (7-0)

Last week – 1

11th OE, 12th DE, 2nd STE, 4th TE

Anyone doubt this after the Penn State destroyed that Michigan D last night? One more land mine this week against Ohio State, that should determine the Big 10 and a playoff spot.

Dropped from the rankings: (16) Wake Forest, (18) Utah, (20) Michigan, (21) Iowa, (22) Texas Tech