Picking the #SuperBowl

Take a moment and look at the quarterbacks who have guided their teams into the final four. Ben Roethlisberger vs Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers vs Matt Ryan. Has there ever been a better quartet vying for the Super Bowl?

AFC Championship Game
Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots
Rematch of a game played 10/23/2016. New England won 27-16
There’s probably an argument that these 2 franchises are the best of the conference. The Brady/Belichek combo is seeking 1 for the thumb. They didn’t play their best game of the year against Houston but it didn’t matter. That type of performance will get them beat vs Pittsburgh. Ben, Brown, and Bell are dynamic, but New England statistically had the best scoring defense during the regular and Kansas City just held Pittsburgh to 6 field goals. I expect a low scoring game that’s similar to the Pittsburgh-Kansas City game last night. I believe that the Steeler running attack with Bell will be the difference as Pittsburgh wins 16-13.

NFC Championship Game
Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons
Rematch of a game played on 10/30/2016. Atlanta won 33-32
Both teams ranked in the bottom third in the league in scoring defense. I believe Atlanta’s defense is slightly better because they gave up a lot of garbage time points and yards. Aaron Rodgers had been white hot for 2 months until he threw a pick against Dallas. Atlanta is a better team than Dallas and I don’t care what their records indicate. Basically Rodgers has to have a game like he had on 10/30 for the Packers to have a chance on advancing. As for the other hand: I said it last week and I’ll say it again this week MATT RYAN SHOULD BE MVP. The Falcons have an elite offense and they displayed that against Seattle. Green Bay isn’t the defense that Seattle is (with or without Earl Thomas). I think both offenses are going to score at will at times and I believe we are going to see a very similar game to the one they’ve already played. Atlanta will win a shootout 37-34.

Disclaimer: before the playoffs I picked a Kansas City vs Green Bay Super Bowl. Now I’m picking an Atlanta vs Pittsburgh Super Bowl


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