#NFL Playoffs

3) Seattle at 2) Atlanta
Rematch of a game played on 10/16/16, Seattle won 26-24
Matt Ryan should be MVP of the league. The Falcons have had a week off to get healthy (mainly get Julio Jones healthy). Atlanta’s head coach Dan Quinn was Seattle’s defensive coordinator for 2013-14. Familiarity much? This was a close game then with Seattle squeaking by but I see the Falcons getting revenge on their home field. Atlanta in the NFC Championship Game

4) Houston at 1) New England
Rematch of a game played on 9/22/16, New England won 27-0
As much as I would like to say week 3 was an aberration, it was. Tom Brady was serving his deflategate suspension and JJ Watt was lost for the season. Does that matter this time? Probably not but maybe just maybe Brady wants to take out some suspension frustration on a team he didn’t get to play this year. Houston’s defense is very good, but they just played a rookie QB making his first NFL start. The only drama from this game could be can New England not only win but cover. Patriots host AFC Championship Game

3) Pittsburgh at 2) Kansas City
Rematch of a game played on 10/2/16, Pittsburgh won 43-14
This was a complete mismatch from the opening kickoff. Pittsburgh dominated in every facet of the game. Think that’s not on the minds of the Chief players? This game will be played at Arrowhead, which is the toughest place to win in the NFL this side of Seattle. As good as Pittsburgh looked today, Ben has a bad wheel now. He says he’s a go but that KC defense is relentless. I think Andy Reid will have the answers this go around and Alex Smith will do what he does, manage that game plan beautifully. Chiefs on to Gillette with a matchup against the Patriots.

4) Green Bay at 1) Dallas
Rematch of a game 10/16/16, Cowboys won 30-14
Right now the Packers and Aaron Rodgers are the hottest thing in the NFL. The Cowboys have had a magical season thus far. I feel this may be the best game of the playoffs so far. Did you see what happened right before halftime today? The only thing that gives me caution is Jordy Nelson’s health. But Green Bay has many weapons that can pick up the slack. Dallas’ young guns are going to make this interesting but I’m taking the seasoned vet over the rookie at QB. Packers on to Atlanta for the NFC Championship Game

NFC – Green Bay at Atlanta
AFC – Kansas City at New England


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