#NFL Playoffs

6) Miami
3) Pittsburgh
Rematch of a game on 10/16. Miami won 30-15. Big Ben got hurt and Jay Ajayi went off for 200 yards. The game was played in Miami then, but it’s in a cold Pittsburgh now. Big Ben and Co. are healthy and Tannehill has been MIA for a few weeks. I’m picking Pittsburgh

5) Oakland
4) Houston
Rematch of a game on 11/21. Raiders won 27-20. The Raiders were fully healthy but jet lagged in Mexico City and Houston had them down 17-13 going into the 4th. The Texans have a -49 point differential for the season. YIKES! But, they have someone who has actually played NFL football before at QB and even though Oakland is the better team they are missing Carr and the backup. I’m picking Houston

6) Detroit
3) Seattle
Both teams have had their moments. But both are in the dance. The 12th man will make things difficult on Stafford and Co. The legion of boom is missing Earl Thomas though. Seattle struggled with non playoff teams Arizona and San Francisco to end the year. Upset of the weekend, I’m picking Detroit

5) New York
4) Green Bay
Rematch of a game from 10/9. Green Bay won 23-16. That Aaron Rodgers guy can sure fling the magic bean around. So too can Eli. Both are coming off road victories over teams fighting for their playoff lives too. The last two times this matchup has taken place in the playoffs at Lambeau the G-men have won. I don’t think that it’ll happen 3 straight. (However I believe the winner of this game has the best chance to run the T-A-B-L-E) I’m picking Green Bay


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