#NFL Season Predictions

We all watched Peyton Manning ride off into the sunset, 31 other franchises watched it too. The next day they all began plotting the overthrow of the Broncos as the King franchise. Who has the best chance? There are the usual suspects like the Patriots, Panthers, Steelers, Seahawks, Packers, and Colts. There also may or may not be some surprises as we go along the regular season. There is usually a shakeup in the playoff positioning after the dust settles. We are going to project a regular season record for each team and project each playoff matchup all the way to Super Bowl LI.


AFC East: Buffalo (7-9) Miami (4-12) New England (11-5) New York (8-8)

AFC North: Baltimore (8-8) Cincinnati (5-11) Cleveland (10-6) Pittsburgh (12-4)

AFC South: Houston (7-9) Indianapolis (10-6) Jacksonville (6-10) Tennessee (8-8)

AFC West: Denver (10-6) Kansas City (8-8) Oakland (12-4) San Diego (6-10)

Pittsburgh (1) and Oakland (2) get Wild Card byes

Cleveland (6) goes to New England (3)  and Denver (5) goes to Indianapolis (4)

New England beats Cleveland and Indianapolis beats Denver

Indianapolis (4) goes to Pittsburgh (1) and New England (3) goes to Oakland (2)

Pittsburgh beats Indianapolis and Oakland beats New England

Oakland at Pittsburgh AFC Championship Game

The Pittsburgh Steelers are AFC Champions


NFC East: Dallas (10-6) New York (10-6) Philadelphia (3-13) Washington (7-9)

NFC North: Chicago (6-10) Detroit (5-11) Green Bay (11-5) Minnesota (12-4)

NFC South: Atlanta (4-12) Carolina (12-4) New Orleans (9-7) Tampa Bay (6-10)

NFC West: Arizona (12-4) Los Angeles (6-10) San Francisco (3-13) Seattle (10-6)

Carolina (1) and Minnesota (2) get Wild Card byes

Seattle (6) goes to Arizona (3) and Green Bay (5) goes to New York (4)

Arizona beats Seattle and Green Bay beats New York

Green Bay (5) goes to Carolina (1) and Arizona (3) goes to Minnesota (2)

Green Bay beats Carolina and Arizona beats Minnesota

Green Bay at Arizona NFC Championship Game

The Arizona Cardinals are NFC Champions


Super Bowl LI – Arizona vs Pittsburgh

The last time these two matched up in a Super Bowl it was epic. I feel as though this edition of that matchup would be as stellar of a game. However I feel that this is the Cardinals season and I am predicting the Arizona Cardinals as Super Bowl LI Champs



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