#NBA Trade Scenarios

There are players on teams that flat out do not fit. There are also reportedly disgruntled players out there that have no clue what the front office is doing. There is also one player that reportedly does not want to be traded, but may sign elsewhere like a teammate just did. I have not heard any of these trades proposed, honest to goodness I am really just on the trade machine and trying different stuff until I get a match.

Trade proposal #1

Milwaukee Bucks receive Jonas Valanciunas and the Toronto Raptors receive Greg Monroe

If you watched the Eastern Conference Finals last season it was painfully obvious that the Raptors need an offensive presense down low, even though Bismack Biyombo did yeoman’s work on the interior. Valanciunas was injured and could not make it on the court. I think this swap would fix that, Toronto ranked 3rd in points allowed last season but just 13th in points scored. Sometimes you just need a dude that can get you a high percentage attempt on the block. I think Monroe can be that option for the Raptors. It would be a big turnover from Valancuinas and Biyombo to Monroe and Poetl. I do not think Toronto’s defense would suffer greatly though. Monroe has a rep as a terrible defender, and yet Milwaukee was 17th overall in points allowed. Not elite but not terrible. Now adding Valanciunas would improve that. Remember 2 years ago when Milwaukee made the playoffs and gave Chicago fits? Milwaukee has the length to bother everyone in the league and this would only add to that while letting their younger stars in Antetokounmpo, Middleton, and Parker be the offensive vocal points. The trade analysis states I improved Milwaukee’s win total by 1 win, Toronto’s win total remains unchanged. I think that is an indication that this is a win-win.

Trade proposal #2

In a three-team trade the Brooklyn Nets receive Enes Kanter, the Denver Nuggets receive Brook Lopez, and the Oklahoma City Thunder receive Kenneth Faried

Think about this scenario: Russell Westbrook grabs a rebound and pushes the ball up the floor with Victor Oladipo drawing a defender towards the corner 3 position. Out of nowhere Westbrook just lobs a ball in the air, in the directing of Tulsa, Kenneth Faried comes literally out of nowhere to slam it home and the crowd goes wild. Having Westbrook and Faried on the same team would be a lot of fun to watch and the Thunder only have to give up Enes Kanter to do it. Faried would play well with Steven Adams next to him. For Brooklyn, giving up Lopez hurts but Kanter is 4 years younger and they can build around him and the young core developing of Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Caris LaVert. Suddenly Brooklyn would have some upside by dealing one of their last trade chips. As for Denver, this is a gamble. Brook Lopez is not Kenneth Faried and never will be, but what he lacks in athleticism he makes up for in being the guy that puts the ball in the bucket. Lopez is a legit 20 ppg guy and that would help Denver get back to crashing the playoff picture and possibly even winning their division for a top 4 seed. The analysis states I increased Brooklyn’s win total by 2, Denver’s was unchanged, and decreased Oklahoma City by 2. I am not sure how unloading a bench piece for a legit starter at the 4 position makes you a worse team but that isn’t for me to decide.

Trade proposal #3

In a 4 team blockbuster the Boston Celtics receive Alec Burks and Kevin Love, the Cleveland Cavaliers receive Derrick Favors and Jonas Jerebko, the Orlando Magic receive Avery Bradley, and the Utah Jazz receive Amir Johnson and Nikola Vucevic

Wow I surprised myself when I got the green light for this one. Next to Al Horford, Kevin Love would have the defensive protection he needs to be the offensive superstar that the Celtics need. The defending champion Cavaliers get better by swapping the underwhelming Love for another rebounding machine in Derrick Favors to put next to Tristan Thompson to form one heck of a physical frontline. In Avery Bradley the Magic get 3 point shooting and an ace wing defender for new head coach Frank Vogel to deploy next to the up and coming Elfrid Payton. Look out for that monster defensive backcourt. Utah gets an offensive big man that they can either play with Rudy Gobert or have him anchor a second unit with Joe Johnson and Boris Diaw. Suddenly the Jazz, if healthy, look like even more legit contenders in the Western Conference. The analysis states I increased Boston, Cleveland, and Utah’s wins by 2 but decreased Orlando’s by 8. I do not know if the analysis has noticed that the Orlando Magic have acquired Bismack Biyombo and Serge Ibaka to deploy as a new frontcourt that should strike fear into the hearts of the Eastern Conference.

3 trades, 9 better teams we feel. How’d we do? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @originaldaveo or just send a reply to the blog.


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