Who are the greatest NCAA #MarchMadness Programs

This week we watched Villanova capture a second national championship. In one of the greatest college basketball games we have witnessed no doubt. There are only a handful of schools that have multiple championships (15 at my count). Now we can not create a list of only 15 schools and rank them in order of national championships, any regular sportswriter can accomplish this. If you do not include other datum you can not be fair in my opinion. So we will consider the three things I think are most important. We will take regular season wins-there have not always been conference tournaments and not every conference has a conference tournament; we will take final fours and national championships. I gave 1 point for regular season wins, 16 points for making a Final 4, and 64 points for winning the whole jar of marbles.
1) Kentucky-2962 points-2178 wins-8 National Championships-17 Final Fours
This should not be a surprise, Kentucky has the most wins of any team in history.
2) UCLA-2779 points-1803 wins-11 National Championships-17 Final Fours
Another predictable school, UCLA has the most National Championships in history.
3) North Carolina-2764 points-2140 wins-5 National Championships-19 Final Fours
I mentioned the blue bloods, North Carolina has more Final Fours than anyone in history.
4) Duke-2638 points-2062 wins-5 National Championships-16 Final Fours
It seems these schools own college basketball,  Coach K has more wins than any D-1 coach.
5) Kansas-2569 points-2153 wins-3 National Championships-14 Final Fours
Last but certainly not the least, Kansas’ lineage traces back to the invention of hoops.
I want to take a few moments and stop here. No other school has the statistics of these 5 schools, which is why I mentioned them in the forward. From here on out the rest of the list is playing catchup to the above 5 ELITE programs of college basketball.
6) Indiana-2204 points-1756 wins-5 National Championships-8 Final Fours
Strongest resume outside the Top 5
7) Louisville-2107 points-1755 wins-3 National Championships-10 Final Fours
Despite the absence this season, the Cardinals are consistently good
8) Syracuse-2080 points-1920 wins-1 National Championship-6 Final Fours
Surprise of the tournament this season, last school over 2000 points
9) Connecticut-1977 points-1641 wins-4 National Championships-5 Final Fours
I don’t know about you but when I see them in the bracket I want to pencil them to win it
10) Cincinnati-1929 points-1705 wins-2 National Championships-6 Final Fours
I honestly did not expect the Bearcats in the Top 10
11) Michigan State-1880 points-1608 wins-2 National Championships-9 Final Fours
Izzo seems to know how to win in March, despite the upset this season
12) Arizona-1865 points-1737 wins-1 National Championship-4 Final Fours
They always seem to have top level talent
13) Temple-1849 points-1849 wins
With no elite tournament wins, the 6th most wins in history propel them high up the list
14) Villanova-1838 points-1646 wins-2 National Championships-4 Final Fours
Earning their second championship makes the Wildcats upper echelon now
15) North Carolina State-1837 points-1661 wins-2 National Championships-3 Final Fours
Although their recent history is not quite as high level, still a strong program overall
16) Ohio State-1831 points-1607 wins-1 National Championship-10 Final Fours
Outside the Top 5, only Ohio State and Louisville have double digit Final Four appearances
17) St. Johns-1827 points-1795 points-2 Final Fours
With the 8th most wins in history, they are only missing postseason success
18) Oklahoma State-1821 points-2 National Championships-6 Final Fours
It has been awhile since Oklahoma State has won it all
19) Notre Dame-1811 points-1 Final Four
The Irish have the 9th most wins in history
20) Illinois-1809 points-1729 wins-5 Final Fours
14th most wins in history, they need that elusive championship to climb higher
21) Utah-1796 points-1732 wins-4 Final Fours
Another program lacking of a championship
22) Texas-1767 points-1719 wins-3 Final Fours
Same as the two above the Longhorns, they need to win it all
23) Arkansas-1765 points-1605 wins-1 National Championship-6 Final Fours
The Hogs’ postseason success helps a lot
24) Georgetown-1753 points-1609 wins-1 National Championship-5 Final Fours
The Hoyas and Hogs are almost mirror images stats-wise, perhaps they should play
25) Penn-1739 points-1723 wins-1 Final Four
Michael Jordan played there….not his Airness however
26) BYU-1738 points-1738 wins
BYU has the most tournament appearances without reaching a Final Four
27) Washington-1732 points-1716 wins-1 Final Four
Washington needs to figure out March
28) Purdue-1726 points-1694 wins-2 Final Fours
I expected the Boilermakers to be higher
29) Oregon State-1719 points-1687 wins-2 Final Fours
I had no idea Oregon State has the 22nd most wins in history
30) Western Kentucky-1715 points-1715 wins
Surprised the Hilltoppers make the list?
31) West Virginia-1708 points-1676 wins-2 Final Fours
Even despite the upset this season, they are dangerous every year
32) Princeton-1689 points-1673 wins-1 Final Four
I stopped after 32 schools because that is half of the traditional 64 team bracket and the further we go the less success we find teams have. Some schools boast postseason success but their history is not quite as successful over time. Florida and Maryland fall into this category. Mostly this list of schools is basically chalk if you consider what has happened since the inception of the tournament in 1939.

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