#NFL Greatest Franchises

Who is the greatest NFL franchise?

We’ve had 50 Super Bowls now and I feel it is a good time to take a look back at how the NFL franchises stack up against one another overall. You have to have some sort of point system so here goes: We’ll award 25 Points for a Super Bowl win, 20 for winning the Conference or League Championship (Pre-Merger). 15 for Division Championships, and 10 for each time making the playoffs. Since these are team awards then individual player awards are not going to be counted in. As Al Davis once uttered “Just Win Baby”.


  1. Dallas Cowboys 965 Points                                                                                                                  5 Lombardi’s-10 Conference Championships-22 Division Championships-31 Playoff Trips
  2. Green Bay Packers 945 Points                                                                                                            4 Lombardi’s-14 Conference Championships-17 Division Championships-31 Playoff Trips
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers 915 Points                                                                                                           6 Lombardi’s-8 Conference Championships-21 Division Championships-29 Playoff Trips
  4. New York Giants 910 Points                                                                                                                4 Lombardi’s-13 Conference Championships-16 Division Championships-31 Playoff Trips
  5. Chicago Bears 815 Points                                                                                                                      1 Lombardi-13 Conference Championships-18 Division Championships-26 Playoff Trips
  6. San Francisco 49ers 790 Points                                                                                                         5 Lombardi’s-6 Conference Championships-19 Division Championships-26 Playoff Trips
  7. New England Patriots 760 Points                                                                                                     4 Lombardi’s-8 Conference Championships-18 Division Championships-23 Playoff Trips
  8. Cleveland Browns 740 Points                                                                                                            0 Lombardi’s-14 Conference Championships-12 Division Championships-28 Playoff Trips
  9. Los Angeles Rams 720 Points                                                                                                              1 Lombardi-10 Conference Championships-15 Division Championships-27 Playoff Trips
  10. Indianapolis Colts 700 Points                                                                                                            2 Lombardi’s-7 Conference Championships-16 Division Championships-27 Playoff Trips
  11. Washington Redskins 685 Points                                                                                                      3 Lombardi’s-8 Conference Championships-14 Division Championships-24 Playoff Trips
  12. Denver Broncos 680 Points                                                                                                                 3 Lombardi’s-8 Conference Championships-15 Division Championships-22 Playoff Trips
  13. Minnesota Vikings 645 Points                                                                                                            0 Lombardi’s-4 Conference Championships-19 Division Championships-28 Playoff Trips
  14. Oakland Raiders 610 Points                                                                                                                 3 Lombardi’s-5 Conference Championships-15 Division Championships-21 Playoff Trips
  15. Miami Dolphins 565 Points                                                                                                                 2 Lombardi’s-5 Conference Championships-13 Division Championships-22 Playoff Trips
  16. Philadelphia Eagles 535 Points                                                                                                          0 Lombardi’s-5 Conference Championships-13 Division Championships-24 Playoff Trips
  17. San Diego Chargers 445 Points                                                                                                          0 Lombardi’s-2 Conference Championships-15 Division Championships-18 Playoff Trips
  18. Buffalo Bills 440 Points                                                                                                                       0 Lombardi’s-6 Conference Championships-10 Division Championships-17 Playoff Trips
  19. Tennessee Titans 405 Points                                                                                                              0 Lombardi’s-3 Conference Championships-9 Division Championships-21 Playoff Trips
  20. Kansas City Chiefs 385 Points                                                                                                             1 Lombardi-3 Conference Championships-8 Division Championships-18 Playoff Trips
  21. Seattle Seahawks 370 Points                                                                                                               1 Lombardi-3 Conference Championships-9 Division Championships-15 Playoff Trips
  22. Detroit Lions 330 Points                                                                                                                      0 Lombardi’s-5 Conference Championships-4 Division Championships-17 Playoff Trips
  23. Cincinnati Bengals 315 Points                                                                                                            0 Lombardi’s-2 Conference Championships-9 Division Championships-14 Playoff Trips
  24. Arizona Cardinals 265 Points                                                                                                              0 Lombardi’s-3 Conference Championships-7 Division Championships-10 Playoff Trips
  25. Baltimore Ravens 250 Points                                                                                                             2 Lombardi’s-2 Conference Championships-4 Division Championships-10 Playoff Trips
  26. New York Jets 245 Points                                                                                                                      1 Lombardi-1 Conference Championship-4 Division Championships-14 Playoff Trips
  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 235 Points                                                                                                    1 Lombardi-1 Conference Championship-6 Division Championships-10 Playoff Trips
  28. New Orleans Saints 220 Points                                                                                                          1 Lombardi-1 Conference Championship-5 Division Championships-10 Playoff Trips
  29. Atlanta Falcons 215 Points                                                                                                                   0 Lombardi’s-1 Conference Championship-5 Division Championships-12 Playoff Trips
  30. Carolina Panthers 200 Points                                                                                                            0 Lombardi’s-2 Conference Championships-6 Division Championships-7 Playoff Trips
  31. Jacksonville Jaguars 90 Points                                                                                                            0 Lombardi’s-0 Conference Championships-2 Division Championships-6 Playoff Trips
  32. Houston Texans 75 Points                                                                                                                   0 Lombardi’s-0 Conference Championships-3 Division Championships-3 Playoff Trips                                                                                                                                                                  Why is all of Cleveland’s history together and Houston’s is not?  Because in 1995 when owner Art Modell moved the team to Baltimore and created the Ravens, he had to leave the Browns history in Cleveland, while Bud Adams had no such problems when he relocated the Houston Oilers franchise to Nashville in 1997.

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