Final #Top25

Championship Weekend has came and gone, leaving us the conference champions. Everyone seems to be in unison that not one North Carolina player was offsides on the first onside kick try. I believe, and I may be the only one, that Iowa stuffed Michigan State running back LJ Scott and stopped his forward progress. Now we can not predict what would have happened if both of those calls had been reversed. North Carolina might have never made another 8 points from the 50 with 3 timeouts left and Iowa might not have stuffed another play on 4th down. But, we will not get that opportunity to find out will we? In other news, Saban continues to run Derrick Henry more times that what should be allowed. MLB has pitch count limits and perhaps its time to have carry limits. Florida’s defense was on point all night giving their everything in a slugfest and Henry was the battering ram against that. I hope everyone here realizes that if it were not for Derrick Henry, Alabama would have lost against LSU, Auburn, and never made it to the Florida game. The CBS moniker “the best game from the best conference” is no longer true. Just watch the SEC this season, it is awful. I hope someone from the NFL has watched and took notes on the carries of these running backs. I think before you enter the league you must go through concussion protocol at the combine, and get a full CT Scan and MRI to see how brain damaged you are when you enter the league. The full cost of attendance platform that these college presidents are spewing is a cover for what they fear. They do not want the concussion thing to leave the NFL and come to college, where coaches run running backs 90 carries in 2 games. When does Nick Saban have to answer for running a child like that. 18-22 year olds are children with few exceptions and the ones at Tuscaloosa Alabama are brain washed to do Saban’s bidding. MAKE HIM MORE MONEY.

Here’s the top 25

1 Clemson (13-0) ACC Champs

2 Oklahoma (11-1) Big 12 Champs

3 Michigan State (12-1) Big 10 Champs

4 Iowa (12-1) Big 10 Runner Up

5 Ohio State (11-1) Big 10 East Runner Up

6 Alabama (12-1) SEC Champs

7 Stanford (11-2) Pac 12 Champs

8 Florida State (10-2) ACC Atlantic Runner Up

9 North Carolina (11-2) ACC Runner Up

10 Notre Dame (10-2) Independent

11 TCU (10-2) Big 12 Runner Up

12 Northwestern (10-2) Big 10 West Runner Up

13 Ole Miss (9-3) SEC West Runner Up

14 Oklahoma State (10-2) Big 12 3rd Place

15 Baylor (9-3) Big 12 4th Place

16 Oregon (9-3) Pac 12 North Runner Up

17 Houston (12-1) American Athletic Champs

18 Georgia (9-3) SEC East 3rd Place

19 Florida (10-3) SEC Runner Up

20 Tennessee (8-4) SEC East Runner Up

21 LSU (8-3) SEC West 3rd Place

22 Michigan (9-3) Big 10 East 3rd Place

23 Utah (9-3) Pac 12 South Runner Up

24 Western Kentucky (11-2) Conference USA Champs

25 BYU (9-3) Independent




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