Perspective is a noun that means “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view”. In the hours after the Texas A&M-LSU game last night it was announced that Coach Les Miles would be retained in Baton Rouge and continue to lead the Tigers. When is only winning enough? I can go back in my mind and I remember a game between Arkansas at Vanderbilt. It was 2011 and Arkansas was a highly ranked team (#10 at the time) and Vanderbilt was 4-3. After the first quarter the score was tied at 7, halftime Vanderbilt led 21-14, after the third quarter Vanderbilt led 28-20, only to let Arkansas come back and win 31-28 on a made FG with 6:53 remaining in the game. The year before the game was played in Fayetteville and the score that year was 49-14 Arkansas. The year before Vanderbilt had gotten off to a 14-6 lead before Arkansas hung 43 straight points on the Commodores. Back to 2011, after the game the Arkansas radio sports media either that night or the following week asked the question “when is only winning enough”. For the first time that I could remember I did not think of myself as a fan at the time. I thought it was uncalled for to ask such a question “when is only winning enough”. I could not help but think about how dumb that sounded. I guess they did not remember how bad Arkansas football had been. 5-6 in 2004; 4-7 in 2005; 5-7 in 2008. That was 3 losing seasons in the past 6 years at the time. The sports media was on a Sugar Bowl hangover however, and in the midst of seeing Arkansas running off a 21-5 record in a two year stretch. They could not tell the future either (Petrino, motorcycle, ditch, John L. Smith, etc). If they had some PERSPECTIVE then maybe they would not have asked such a dumb question. So, I called that radio show and I proceeded to try to give them some perspective. The thing about me is, I’ve always been able to articulate what I wanted to say by writing. Speaking it out loud is a different story. I suppose my brain works faster than my mouth at times. I called that radio show and said something along the lines of “be careful about getting upset about winning, just look at Nebraska firing a coach after 9 win seasons and them being all pissed about it”. I still to this day can not and will not see the logic in getting rid of 2 quality coaches after they’ve won all those games and earned that university the millions of dollars that they did. I used Nebraska in my attempt to give Arkansas sports media some PERSPECTIVE, because it was easy then. I could only think of how wrong Nebraska was for getting rid of Frank Solich. The man who succeeded Tom Osborne and would never in a million years live up to what Osbourne had spoiled the Cornhusker fans with over 25 years of excellence on the gridiron. See Osborne went 255-49-3 in his time at Nebraska and won 3 National Championships. What the people of Nebraska forget is Osborne only went 12-13 in bowl games. When Solich took over, he picked up right where Osborne left off. Going 58-19 from 1998-2003. Nebraska, lacking PERSPECTIVE, fired Solich before the 2003 Alamo Bowl against Michigan State. Which Nebraska won 17-3 (with Bo Pelini as head coach, I’ll get into this later). Nebraska hired Bill Callahan, who was going to make the Cornhuskers an NFL offense and revolutionize the way corn was produced and all kinds of other wonderful things I forgot about. From 2004-2007 Callahan was 27-22 and Nebraska got their PERSPECTIVE. They hired Bo Pelini, who was the defensive coordinator at LSU. Bo would guide Nebraska into the Big 10, where they’d run amuck on this new conference just like they did the Big 8 and 12. Wait they only went 9-4 in 2008, oh well. Wait only 10-4 the next two years,  well that’s improvement. Wait only 9-4 in 2011; 10-4 in 2012; 9-4 in 2013; 9-3 in 2014…that’s it!! This is Nebraska!! Get out of here with your 9 win season nonsense, and PERSPECTIVE is gone again. I just wanted to remind Nebraska that Bo Pelini never won less than 9 games as they sit at home this bowl season as another NFL offense type of coach guided them to a 5-7 season. Have you gotten your PERSPECTIVE back yet? When is only winning enough? Arkansas got their PERSPECTIVE when a Petrino driven motorcycle met a ditch somewhere up in Northwest Arkansas. Suffering through John L. Smith’s antics should be enough PERSPECTIVE for a very long time. Last night Joe Alleva came out after the LSU victory and stated that he looked forward to working with Les as he guided the Tiger football program into the bowl game and into 2016 with the nation’s #1 recruiting class. Kirk Herbstreit followed that presser up with one of my favorite quotes from the weekend “where the hell has he been for 2 weeks”. Kirk, I guess he was getting some PERSPECTIVE and after a week of speculation about a man who’s record is 111-32 and who has done all the wonderful things for a kid with cancer and the people of South Carolina (because he has PERSPECTIVE from the hurricanes) its about damn time someone got some PERSPECTIVE at LSU.


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