Week 9 #Top25

Two four overtime thrillers! Two AP Top 10 upsets! Wow what a weekend. Just when you think you can hit the snooze button til NFL Sunday, College Football brings it with the best weekend to date this season. We are almost inside of a week before the committee releases its rankings for the College Football Playoff. How will all this shake out? We are going to have a new number 1 in this poll since Utah decided not to go to LA and let some imposters play in their stead. I am not basing anything on preseason rankings. I am just looking at what has happened on the field this season as well as some metrics-offensive efficiency (OE) and defensive efficiency (DE) and remaining strength of schedule (RSOS). One last eyeball test metric we use here is: How good is your good?

1 Clemson 7-0 (last week: 4)

10th OE; 2nd DE; 45th RSOS. After handing The U its worst loss in program history I don’t see any way that Clemson isn’t the best team in the country. That was utter obliteration by the Tigers and their good is really, really good.

2 Ohio State 8-0 (last week: 5)

42nd OE; 7th DE; 32nd RSOS. Inserting JT Barrett may have been what’s been needed in Colombus all season. Ohio State looked like the team we all expected them to be last night by destroying Rutgers.

3 LSU 7-0 (last week: 2)

8th OE; 24th DE; 1st RSOS. LSU took care of business against Western Kentucky and they are rewarded with a week off to prepare for Alabama (in Tuscaloosa) could be another “Game of the Century” atmospheres.

4 Baylor 7-0 (last week: 3)

1st OE; 44th DE; 7th RSOS. Baylor’s QB Seth Russell has a fractured bone IN HIS NECK. I don’t think that is a good thing for the Bears. They seem to be able to plug anyone in but now is a bad time, the meat of their Big 12 schedule is ahead of them.

5 Michigan State 8-0 (last week: 6)

23rd OE; 40th DE; 42nd RSOS. Sparty kept on winning, finally blowing someone out this week. Michigan State has nothing to worry about. Since there are only 4 conferences with undefeated teams, just win out and you are in.

6 TCU 7-0 (last week: 9)

2nd OE; 54th DE; 22nd RSOS. I can’t for the life of me make up my mind about TCU this season. I’ve had them all over the Top 10. Possible trap game this week against West Virginia on Thursday.

7 Iowa 7-0 (last week: 7)

32nd OE; 13th DE; 64th RSOS. Iowa is going to be favored each game the rest of the regular season. They very well could be undefeated going in to a Big 10 Championship game against the winner of Michigan State/Ohio State. Talk about a defacto Quarterfinal game.

8 Oklahoma State 7-0 (last week: 14)

30th OE; 23rd DE; 6th RSOS. Oklahoma State are in the same boat as many. Keep winning and the stakes will get higher. They get TCU, Baylor, and OU in Stillwater. It could be magical this season for the Cowboys.

9 Stanford 6-1 (last week: 11)

4th OE; 50th DE; 23rd RSOS. Stanford is the best 1 loss team in the country. It is unexplainable that they lost to Northwestern and only scored 6 points in the opener. They need some help, but no one wants this matchup.

10 Oklahoma 6-1 (last week: 13)

14th OE; 12th DE; 41st RSOS. Oklahoma may have been woken up after the loss to Texas. That should not have happened. However with some help they are like Stanford. Wouldn’t an OU-Stanford game be fun to watch?

11 Utah 6-1 (last week: 1)

43rd OE; 14th DE; 55th RSOS. I have no idea who that was getting blasted in the Coliseum last night. That is not the Utah team I have grown fond of this season. They still control their own destiny, but the road isn’t as clear.

12 Alabama 7-1 (last week: 10)

31st OE; 1st DE; 35th RSOS. You can not struggle with lowly Tennessee at home and expect me to move you up in the rankings. Alabama is elite…on one side of the football. Their offense is 1 dimensional and they have a QB that wouldn’t start in many other places (transferred from Florida State).

13 Notre Dame 6-1 (last week: 12)

7th OE; 46th DE; 39th RSOS. Notre Dame should have one focus the rest of the way: keep winning. If they win out they will have defeated Stanford and made themselves the best 1 loss team in the country.

14 Florida 6-1 (last week: 16)

34th OE; 6th DE; 46th RSOS. The Gators are another team in the middle of the 1 loss mud that could separate themselves by winning out. Doing so would possibly avenge the loss to LSU.

15 Florida State 6-1 (last week: 8)

18th OE; 37th DE; 51st RSOS. The Seminoles had a 30 game regular season winning streak snapped by a blocked FG return for TD. It has been awhile since we had a dominant program like this and they may be passing the torch to Clemson for a bit.

16 Toledo 7-0 (last week: 17)

53rd OE; 26th DE; 63rd RSOS. After a slow start against UMASS, Toledo ran wild over the Minutemen. It will be interesting how the committee views Toledo in a few days.

17 Houston 7-0 (last week: 24)

19th OE; 38th DE; 70th RSOS. Houston might be one of the best teams in the State of Texas. They might also be one of the best teams in the American.

18 Memphis 7-0 (last week: 18)

11th OE; 62nd DE; 76th RSOS. Memphis is part of a 3 team race to win the American. The offense looks like it could score at will at times against all competition.

19 Temple 7-0 (last week: 23)

81st OE; 9th DE; 62nd RSOS. Temple had to comeback again this week at East Carolina. That isn’t an easy place to play. Probably the biggest home game in school history this week against Notre Dame.

20 North Carolina 6-1 (last week: 19)

12th OE; 66th DE; 21st RSOS. Someone has to want to face Clemson in the ACC title game, is it the Tar Heels?

21 Pittsburgh 6-1 (last week: 22)

33rd OE; 32nd DE; 18th RSOS. Someone has to want to face Clemson in the ACC title game, is it the Panthers?

22 Duke 6-1 (last week: 21)

67th OE; 15th DE; 53rd RSOS. Someone has to want to face Clemson in the ACC title game, is it the Blue Devils?

23 Ole Miss 6-2 (last week: NR)

15th OE; 27th DE; 4th RSOS. Ole Miss showed up to play for the first time since the Alabama game last night and dump trucked Texas A&M. Bout time we saw something from the Rebels.

24 Michigan 5-2 (last week: 25)

65th OE; 4th DE; 49th RSOS. Michigan could play the role of spoiler. Even if they lose to Ohio State it still would have been a very good year 1 for Harbaugh.

25 Mississippi State 6-2 (last week: NR)

16th OE; 25th DE; 3rd RSOS. After blowing out preseason hyped Kentucky. Mississippi State is flying under the radar a little. That will change going to Missouri then hosting Alabama the next two times they play.

All Efficiency Rankings and Remaining Strength of Schedule values taken from ESPN


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