Week 8 #Top25

Lots of big games yesterday. Lots of exciting finishes-my apologies to Michigan fans. Some things never change do they-Roll. Damn. Tide. There were 3 matchups this past week featuring teams both in the AP Top 12. That is bound to shake up the rankings we do here. With a few weeks to go before the committee releases its first rankings for the College Football Playoff, we’ll see how we compare to them. I am not basing anything on preseason rankings. I am just looking at what has happened on the field as well as some metrics-offensive efficiency (OE) and defensive efficiency (DE) and strength of schedule (SOS). One last eyeball test metric we will use is: How good is your good?

1 Utah 6-0 (last week: 1)

27th OE; 10th DE; Remaining SOS: 38. It took a little longer than expected, but the Utes finished off Arizona State for the first time since 1976. They now have a 2 game lead over the rest of the Pac-12 South.

2 LSU 6-0 (last week: 2)

4th OE; 29th DE; Remaining SOS: 1. LSU has demonstrated everything a team needs to win a National Championship. With the toughest remaining schedule in the country, we’ll see if they can do it.

3 Baylor 6-0 (last week: 4)

1st OE; 46th DE; Remaining SOS: 18. Baylor continues to hang 60+ points on each team that decides its a good idea to play defense against them.

4 Clemson 6-0 (last week: 3)

19th OE; 2nd DE; Remaining SOS: 44. Clemson took care of business yesterday, the looming Florida State game is all that stands between Clemson and a potential invite to the College Football Playoff.

5 Ohio State 7-0 (last week: 6)

52nd OE; 12th DE; Remaining SOS: 35. Ohio State keeps on playing better with each game. It will interesting to see how well they are playing through November.

6 Michigan State 7-0 (last week: 10)

16th OE; 30th DE; Remaining SOS: 60. After one of the most bizarre plays to snatch victory from the hands of defeat, Michigan State finds itself still unbeaten.

7 Iowa 7-0 (last week: 18)

32nd OE; 14th DE; Remaining SOS: 63. The Hawkeyes blew out a good Northwestern team, and have a manageable schedule down the stretch to surprise everyone and make it to the Big-10 Championship Game.

8 Florida State 6-0 (last week: 12)

13th OE; 41st DE; Remaining SOS: 48. The Seminoles still have Clemson and Florida on their remaining schedule. Those two games will determine the fate of FSU this season.

9 TCU 7-0 (last week: 5)

2nd OE; 56th DE; Remaining SOS: 21. TCU has a fatal flaw I believe, and that is on the defensive side of the football. They are good enough on offense and quarterback that is has not cost them yet.

10 Alabama 6-1 (last week: 9)

29th OE; 1st DE; Remaining SOS: 28. Roll. Damn. Tide. The early season loss to Ole Miss have turn out to be the fluke loss that hurts Alabama this season. Alabama will be Ole Miss fans the remainder of the season.

11 Stanford 5-1 (last week: 15)

5th OE; 49th DE; Remaining SOS: 29. Stanford’s early season loss to Northwestern may have the same effect on the Cardinal’s season as the Ole Miss loss for Alabama.

12 Notre Dame 6-1 (last week: 16)

9th OE; 44th DE; Remaining SOS: 41. Notre Dame has to win out to have a shot at the Playoff. They must get some help as well. Winning out may get them to a New Year’s 6.

13 Oklahoma 5-1 (last week: 20)

15th OE; 18th DE; Remaining SOS: 36. The Sooners had plane issues, arrived to Manhattan Kansas 8 hours late and hung a double nickel on Kansas State while pitching a shutout. I’d say they were upset about that loss to Texas.

14 Oklahoma State 6-0 (last week: 19)

38th OE; 22nd DE; Remaining SOS: 30. Oklahoma State still has some huge games left on the schedule. TCU has not won in Stillwater in ages and things could shape up for the Cowboys to reel off 10+ wins by seasons end.

15 Texas A&M 5-1 (last week: 7)

51st OE; 26th DE; Remaining SOS: 52. Losing big time SEC matchups is kind of becoming the norm in College Station. I thought this year A&M had the goods, however I was wrong.

16 Florida 6-1 (last week: 11)

36th OE; 7th DE; Remaining SOS: 51. All the Gators have to do is win out and they will get a possible rematch with LSU. This time closer to Florida at the SEC Championship Game.

17 Toledo 6-0 (last week: 21)

50th OE; 24th DE; Remaining SOS: 75. Toledo is going to finish a perfect regular season barring a complete collapse. That is hard to do, it does not matter what conference you play in.

18 Memphis 6-0 (last week: NR)

14th OE; 60th DE; Remaining SOS: 76. Memphis dominated Ole Miss yesterday at the Liberty Bowl and I don’t think it was a fluke.

19 North Carolina 5-1 (last week: 24)

11th OE; 68th DE; Remaining SOS: 32. How the Tar Heels lost to South Carolina to open the season is a mystery to me, however they are playing better now and have a chance at the ACC Championship Game.

20 California 5-1 (last week: 23)

17th OE; 27th DE; Remaining SOS: 22. Cal showed me a lot more in a loss at Utah than at any other point in the season thus far. The Stanford game will determine the Pac-12 North.

21 Duke 5-1 (last week: 25)

87th OE; 4th DE; Remaining SOS: 47. The Blue Devils still control their destiny in the ACC, they can still make the ACC Championship Game if they keep winning.

22 Pittsburgh 5-1 (last week: NR)

40th OE; 28th DE; Remaining SOS: 26. Along with UNC and Duke, Pitt controls its own destiny to have a chance at the ACC Championship Game.

23 Temple 6-0 (last week: NR)

84th OE; 8th DE; Remaining SOS: 64. Temple has a good win over Penn State, and 5 other wins for an unblemished record at this point of the season. They are another team that controls its own destiny in the American.

24 Houston 6-0 (last week: NR)

22nd OE; 40th DE; Remaining SOS: 73. Houston, along with Temple and Memphis, could crash the New Year’s 6 party from the American. It will interesting to see if Toledo remains perfect too if Toledo plays an undefeated American champ.

25 Michigan 5-2 (last week: 13)

63rd OE; 3rd DE; Remaining SOS: 54. Ohio State. That is the season for Michigan now, beat Ohio State and you secure a 10 win season and possible New Year’s 6 bowl. Lose and its off to Florida for one of the SEC/Big-10 bowls that goes on there.

All Efficiency rankings and Remaining Strength of Schedule rankings taken from ESPN


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