Why the DH should be in every #MLB lineup

First of all allow me to make this statement: old fashioned baseball such that is played in the National League is how baseball was meant to be played. Now here is the contrary to that sentiment. Giancarlo Stanton signed a $325 Million dollar in the offseason and is on the shelf with an injury for the second time in as many seasons. Now you can argue that he injured himself at the plate and you would be absolutely right. However, how much better of a team would the Marlins be if they just plugged Stanton in the 3 spot in the order and batted a defensive specialist 9th and he just so happened to play right field? In the age of metrics and however else all of us read stats to figure out how good players are; run prevention is important. Cole Hamels was traded to the Rangers this trade deadline season and it is about time. Now he can just focus on pitching. How screwed would the Dodgers, Mets, Giants, Cubs, Pirates, Nationals, Cardinals be if Kershaw or Greinke; Harvey-DeGrom-Niese-Syndergaard; Bumgarner-Heston-Leake, Lester or Arrieta; Liriano or Cole (AJ Burnett is now hurt); Scherzer-Strasburg-Zimmerman; Lynn-Lackey-Wacha-Martinez-Garcia (the Cardinals seem to have answers for anything) got injured running the bases or trying to bunt and broke a finger? There is no doubt that injuries can happen on any play, pitchers routinely get Tommy John Surgery and miss 12-16 months and come back. In the American League if David Price goes down or Chris Sale feels discomfort while throwing those teams are assured that the injury took place while doing the role they SIGNED that player to do. Pitchers should pitch, hitters should hit-simplify the game and in this “Age of the Pitcher” maybe runs will go up slightly and interest can once again be generated in the 20-35 demographic that has seemed to have lost interest in baseball. I am old enough to remember watching Edgar Martinez hit for the Mariners. That lineup was insanely scary (granted PED’s were a part of that time in MLB). They had Edgar, Tino Martinez, A-Rod, Junior Griffey, Jay Buhner etc. it was one bomb after another. The Red Sox have one of the most dangerous DH’s in MLB history in David Ortiz. It is a shame to think he might have never got a chance if he were developed by a NL team. Shouldn’t Ryan Howard finish his career in Philadelphia hitting bombs until he is 40? The youth movement may claim him yet, but having a veteran in the clubhouse is a good thing right? Do you remember the Blake Street Bombers? Imagine if they could have had one of those guys just hit and replaced him in the field with someone who could run down some of those hits that go for triples at Coors. Sure some teams like the Cardinals would still probably rule the roost because of how good an organization they are. Putting butts in seats and eyeballs on TV’s is now how the cookie crumbles in major North American sports. If I can go back in my memory again I can remember the “Chicks Dig The Longball” commercials. That basically sums up the youth we have in our country, they dig the long ball and putting more options in a lineup to do just that instead of guys who can flat rake sitting in the minors is what is best for business. (To steal a line from the sports entertainment world) To further my point here are the top 10 selling jerseys for 2015 10.) Anthony Rizzo-power hitter, 9.) David Ortiz-power hitter, 8.) Matt Harvey-power pitcher, 7.) Mike Trout-best all around player who leads the MLB in homers, 6.) Hunter Pence, 5.) Bryce Harper-power hitter, 4.) Clayton Kershaw-power pitcher, 3.) Buster Posey-best catcher who was plenty of pop in the bat, 2.) Kris Bryant-power hitter, 1.) Madison Bumgarner-power pitcher. You see the same trend I see-the majority of the list are power hitting positional players. The fans have spoken and now it time for MLB to react appropriately. Get the DH in every MLB game. Here is another benefit to this, if all the ballparks have the same lineup rules, you can cut down on some of the travel by having more regional matchups. The schedule can be modified, perhaps even go the NBA route and have Eastern and Western Conferences…woah that is too much outside the box thinking for one day.


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